Privacy policy for users of digital applications

Privacy policy for users of digital applications

SPOLOČNOSŤ 7 PLUS, s.r.o. informs about all activities that are related to services for digital publishing platforms, for example tablet Apple iPad, mobile device Apple iPhone, tablets/phones with operating system Android, personal computers, mobile devices and tablets with operating system Windows.

When providing information in an environment of mobile phones, tablets, and computers; some content information is displayed in the environment of the Internet. Therefore, access to the Internet or the 3G network or an Ethernet/ WiFi connectivity is necessary.

In providing our digital content of the tablet area, all the information is stored in hard drive of the device. To read the issue, you do not have to be connected to the Internet. To purchase and download the digital issues, you have to be connected to the Internet – to the 3G network or to an Ethernet/ WiFi connectivity.

What information do we collect?

We collect information about the number of downloaded digital publications or visits of the application. For this purpose, we use tools like Google Analytics, Microsoft Store, Google Play or Apple iTunes. The aim is to better understand what our customers prefer, and whether there exist possibilities to improve the quality of service and product.

In some cases (such as providing free benefits), we identify your device through a unique UUID code, which is generated while the applications is installed. Your code is displayed in part „Information“ in selected applications.

No data is available to third parties for commercial or other purposes.

We have no access to your personal information

In case of purchase through the Apple iTunes, all transactions are protected by rules and privacy policy of Apple that are defined in terms and conditions of the company. As the operator of the application, we have no access to personal information, information about bank account, credit card, or any partial information.

Changes to our terms and privacy policy

Any changes in privacy policy for users of digital applications will be published on this site.

If you have questions relating to these terms, please contact us:

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Conditions for the protection of personal data was updated 8/1/2012.